Ecological Infrastructure for Mining Equipment

While other mines use conventional energy, we use renewable energy (solar, hydraulic and eolic) to operate our sites. Energy that does not generate harmful waste. The benefits of blockchain technology extend far beyond simple currency and contribute to the growth of decentralized industries.

Do you have energy infrastructure and are you interested in cryptocurrency mining?

What We Offer

  • The price established by the CFE (Mexican, public social, electricity company) +15% (nodal price).


  • Pay daily and with greater liquidity.


  • The highest speed and Internet quality in the market.
  • By investing your money in cryptocurrencies you protect yourself against a devaluation of the Mexican peso.
  • Preferential prices when purchasing mining devices and its operation.


  • Low voltage electrical connection (110-220v).

  • Available space of 75 m² for every 100 kW of mining equipment.
  • Limited access, guarded and secure area.
  • Roofed area, with ventilation and Wifi connection.


With more than 7 years of experience in the cryptocurrency mining industry, EcoMining by Blockchain Data Centers is your ideal ally for all your cryptoactive and blockchain mining needs.

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