Hosting Services for Mining Devices

Our hosting services include mining devices installation, supervision, troubleshooting, optimization and maintenance for the mining devices. We also provide for the necessary electricity, power, repair, and other infrastructure services that are needed to effectively mine, maintain an exploit virtual assets.

Don’t have electrical infrastructure and you are interested in mining cryptocurrency mining?

What We Offer

  • Daily personalized funds dispersion.
  • Sites with green energy and all the necessary cleaning and security measures.
  • Uptime of 90% of your mining devices.
  • Expert technicians on site to provide maintenance and obtain the highest efficiency of the equipment.
  • Find and install the best spare parts when required.

What We Need

  • GPU's and ASIC's in good condition (subject to an initial assessment analysis of the condition of the equipment).

  • We get you all the tools necessary to start your device mining.


With more than 7 years of experience in the cryptocurrency mining industry, EcoMining by Blockchain Data Centers is your ideal ally for all your cryptoactive and blockchain mining needs.

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