Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining has become one of the most popular ways of mining cryptocurrencies today.

This new modality allows you to mine cryptocurrencies, even if you do not have the resources to afford the necessary mining devices. Rather, you can lease the hashing power to companies that do have such equipment, like us. In other words, you do not have to buy a computer or pay for its power consumption.

You can lease or hire a part of that hashing power, and receive profits proportional to your investment.


Choose the currency you want to mine (BTC, LTC + DOGE, ETC).


Choose the amount of mining power (hashes) you want to hire and for how long.


Hire the service that includes a large installation of hardware devices, air conditioning, stable electrical services, as well as an excellent internet connection. In addition, we have a specialized technical team for the installation and maintenance of said devices.


Once you’ve reached the minimum withdrawl amount, which is set by the platform, you can withdraw your earnings to tour wallet.

Our Current Hashing Power

150 Ph  //  s [BTC]

160 Gh  //  s [LTC]

17.3 Gh // s [ETC]

4 Kh // s [XMR]


With more than 7 years of experience in the cryptocurrency mining industry, EcoMining by Blockchain Data Centers is your ideal ally for all your cryptoactive and blockchain mining needs.

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