With EcoMining

And our hosting service, you can mine the most important cryptocurrencies. Using renewable energy and without worrying about anything technical, receiving your returns on a monthly basis.

Our Current Hashing Power

150 Phs  //  s [BTC]

160 Gh  //  s [LTC]

17.3 Gh // s [ETC]

4 Kh // s [XMR]

With EcoMining

You can mine the most popular coins on the market, having 24 / 7 visibility of your devices. Click on our tabs for more information about our services (Cloud mining, hosting services for mining devices, or buying a mining device).

Using Clean Energy

You can choose the type of energy you want to use for your equipment, having several renewable energy options at the most competitive prices on the market.


Hosting Services for Mining Devices

We mine and host your computer equipment with our ecological infrastructure, promoting the blockchain to mine cryptocurrencies without affecting the environment.


Cloud Mining

If you do not have your mining equipment, this option is for you. You can rent us a percentage of the computing power of our equipment and receive proportional profits.


Mining Contracts

In order to comply with all legal requirements and create a trustful environment, we sign a contract binding both parties.


Mining Devices

We sell new and used crypto mining hardware, either GPU or ASIC.


With more than 7 years of experience in the cryptocurrency mining industry, EcoMining by Blockchain Data Centers is your ideal ally for all your cryptoactive and blockchain mining needs.

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